Blogging to the Bank 3 Review – How to Make Money With Blogs

Blogs are definitely getting their own share of popularity nowadays. If you would only ask everyone you know, most of them are maintaining a blog for them to use simply as an online journal, and for the others, to enter the online marketing business.

There are certainly many bloggers now who are making a full time income from blogging. It isn’t as easy as many people thought but Blogging to the Bank 3 will provide the knowledge to do that.

Blogging to the bank 3 is the latest update to the popular blogging to the bank series. It was created by Rob Benwell and the main purpose is to educate people how to make money with blogs.

This new version has been thoroughly updated to include new marketing techniques and strategies on creating and marketing your blogs. Those internet marketing techniques that aren’t useful have been discarded.

From choosing your URLs to your blog titles, Rob Benwell provides important techniques to the blogging neophytes and veterans alike, and his proposed tips have worked so far. He also gives the readers with good techniques on how to build up traffic in your website, as well as some advertising methods which are sure to launch your blog as a mogul in the information superhighway.

One of the best ways to make money with blogs is to create and market niche blogs that aren’t too competitive. The best blogging platform that Rob recommends is WordPress and he provides a list of plugins and themes that are essential for your blog to attract traffic.

Search engine optimization is also very important if you want to get your blogs ranked well in the search engines. Rob has dedicated a large part of the guide on that as well.

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