Are You Interested In Making Money With Blogs? My 10 Steps Personal Solution Revealed

It’s incredible how much visibility you can get through a blog. And it’s more incredible how much exposure you get when you become even more sincere, passionate, true and you spread your unique personality through the Internet.

Many people are searching just this: visibility…exposure…fame…reward…money… But let me explain better how things are! Before of making money with blogs, you have to put a lot of work in many different tasks. And for example, they are:

1 – Reflect on what are your strengths and your passions. So you can make blogging starting with these;

2 – Think about the name of you new blog. Try to choose something that express your real personality and the message you want to spread to the world;

3 – Purchase the domain name and the hosting for you blog;

4 – Design your own blog. Make sure the design will be simple, attractive, clear and unique. Remember: your readers and visitors should be attracted by your originality;

5 – Starting a blog writing your thoughts, your insights, your experiences regard your topics of interest and your true passions. Try to spread great, helpful and extraordinary contents who can help other people in something;

6 – Continue make blogging on daily or weekly basis. Don’t stop! Many people give up before 6 months from the beginning. Because of a lack of results. Infact as many people make, even they want see immediate results. But they don’t realize that success is behind the corner! Point to six months from now! Remember: Long Term Prevision

7 – Watch grow your followers and your readers and assist magics happen in your life!

8 – Ask your followers and your readers how you can help them in a better way. So, give them surveys, questionnaires and blog post that push and involve them in emotional moods. Leave them answer freely. Thus your followers and your readers will give you the right path for creating your specific product:

9 – Realize your product and as soon as you will have finished it, put it in the face of your followers and readers;

10 – Watch your bank account explode, because of tons and tons of sells for your new, specific, and targeted product.

I know for sure, you have read this stuffs many times out there in the Internet. But what is the difference between who makes money blogging and who not:

– Persistence;

– Commitment;

– Passion;

– Focus;

– Concentration;

– Determination;

– Confidence;

If you are not willing to respect this list, probably you don’t want earn money blogging. But if you respect it you see how many results you will get in making money with blogs!

Remember My Friend: The Mind Is The Best Servant But Is The Worst Tyrant!

Therefore your mind will keep your focus, your energy, and your productivity on what you are mostly used to. Many bloggers are so much frustrated because they don’t see results and they don’t make money blogging. But the real cause is their mind. They have a really good servant mind, but they don’t control it. They are controlled by the power of their tyrant mind.

So now you know this, don’t let your mind will control you, and will turn you away from your success! Please, train yourself on daily basis and learn how to conquer the power of your mind and take advantage of this!

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